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I remember being obsessed with wanting to be a radio announcer from as young as 7, I used to sit in my room with my tape recorder and record my own radio shows. Nightly, I would listen to the b105 night show – the Hot30 Countdown and hang on every word, every story, every caller, every interview, dreaming of hosting that show one day.

In year 7 I asked my school principal if we could do a lunchtime radio show, he said yes, and every Monday away we went! I can’t imagine how much of a mess it must have sounded, but boy did we have a lot of fun creating it, running competitions, playing our friends favourite songs. It was something else.

By high school I’d started pestering any radio station that I could find to give me air time, I even have a letter from b105 after I’d written and asked them if me and my grade 8 mates could do a Saturday morning radio show. Being in a postion now where I’d hear about a 13 year old writing into the station asking for that, I can’t imagine how they took it.

Finally, in grade 10, a small community dance radio station let my mates and I have a shot at making a radio show. Every Friday afternoon we’d finish school, jump on a bus into the city, grab Macccas for dinner and then make our radio show. We were live across Brisbane on a crappy little dance radio station from 7-10pm. The bulk of what we did was just copying what we heard our idols do on other radio shows, dreaming that we’d be like them one day. We used to line up 5 random songs, call it a countdown, then run out to grab ice cream mid show. One time during the show one of my mates stood up mid talk break, turned around and farted into the mic – that’s the quality we’re talking. Our mates would listen and chat to us on MSN Messenger during the show, and I’m pretty sure that was the full amount of people listening. Our whole week was spent counting down to doing our show. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had making radio (that’s not saying it’s not fun now, it was just sooooo cool then!).

So often I find myself thinking that I can’t do something I’m dreaming of doing because I don’t have the skills, training, experience, qualifications… whatever the excuse is, but I just remember that 15 year old me started badgering radio stations for an on air gig – with no training, experience, anything like that – just raw passion, and it landed me a radio show.

Who should you be badgering today to give you a taste of your dream? Get on LinkedIn ASAP and start contacting them!